Our approach is this: to understand the impact of the furniture industry on our environment and to propose solutions for our homes.

We write stories and interviews in our magazine about these entrepreneurs, creators and designers we work with.

We Design Green

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aim is very broad from set design to interior styling.

We are working with architects and entrepreneurs to make your project live.

Meet the creator

Behind We Design Green is Juliette – a lover of nature with a passion for beautiful design. A French traveler and a romantic –  she settled in Berlin and started to look for her own furniture only to ask herself for the first time: What is my furniture made of? Where do the materials come from? Where are they produced?

Through writing and photography, Juliette began her journey. She delved into the world of sustainable furniture with all the complexity of the existing industry. This has given her the desire to search for and share her best discoveries on her online store.

We believe in the importance of living in interiors that are in harmony with nature.

Today the furniture industry lacks transparency.
It’s difficult to understand and know the impact of our furniture due to this lack of information.

It’s important to know that the quality of materials and the production of furniture generates destruction and pollution on many levels including; deforestation, use of chemicals, CO2 emissions and the pollution of our interior spaces. It’s this very furniture that we introduce into our home.

Creators & contributors

Thanks to Oriane Motte, Sandrine Frappier and Arnaud Lebre for their precious help and without whom We Design Green would not exist.

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