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What is HyperMotion Technology?

HyperMotion Technology (HMT) is a revolutionary technology that can be found in both FIFA and PES. HMT allows EA Sports to track real-life player motion and behaviour, which can be used to animate new moves and behaviours. However, HyperMotion Technology has only been used in FIFA since FIFA 17, where it primarily serves as a new animation engine that powers player movement and animations.

The following images show real-life player movements tracked by HMT on both a real-life player and an animated player (aka. “player model” in FIFA terminology).

How does HMT work?

HMT is a computer animated engine that uses player movement data from real-life player motion captured with a motion capture suit. The player model is animated with in-game movements that are predicted by this player movement data. Players are tracked in every motion captured position they are in-game, which covers almost every type of action in FIFA and PES.

When HMT is introduced in a game, it will continually update the player model based on new player movements. Real-life player movements are measured and compared to the player model. Player changes are added to the player model animation until it catches up to the player movements. This improves the player models’ accuracy, meaning that the player model animation will be more like the real-life player movements.

HMT is the basis of new animations that are only seen in FIFA and PES. For example, the skip animation of your real-life player in FIFA is now powered by HMT. This animation would have only ever been possible in these games. Fifa 22 2022 Crack is the first game to use HMT, and all future FIFA games will be able to use it. In FIFA 17 this technology was first introduced in an update that launched with the FIFA 17 Demo. However, the first game to use this technology was FIFA 19, which launched with the “PULSE” Update in February 2018.

Games like FIFA and PES that use HMT have new player animations like’skips’ and’skips off the wall.’

How do player animations work?

To learn how player animations work in FIFA, please refer to the linked article. Player animations in FIFA use a new system called “automated animations,” which are powered by player movement. The player model


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