We Design Green propose des meubles et des accessoires de maison durables (voir manifesto).

Contenu d’accordéon

1.1 Legally restrictive. Please read these terms of use carefully and make sure you understand them before using the website and / or placing an order. These Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between:
(a) in connection with your use of this Website, you and We Design Green part of Ellipse; and
(b) as part of the contract for your purchase of products, you and the relevant retailer who is the seller of those products. As described in more detail below (see sections 4.2 and 4.3), we enter into this contract on behalf of the respective retailer, who is the agent.

1.2 Acceptance. By accessing this website or purchasing products, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (including those incorporated in the contract, if any). If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you may not use the Website or purchase products and you must stop using the Website immediately.

1.3 Consumers only. The products and other services offered on this website are for consumers only. They should only be used by consumers for non-commercial and private purposes. By accepting these terms and conditions, you are promising us that you are a consumer and that you are not acting as part of a business.

1.4 Termination. We Design Green may modify or discontinue the availability of the Website at any time without notice.

When we use certain capitalized words in these Terms and Conditions, they have the specific meaning described either in this Section 2 or in the phrase where that term is defined. You will be able to locate definitions by looking for terms that look like this: (“defined term”).

2.1 “Account” means your account for We Design Green, which is created when you register for We Design Green by completing the registration process on the website.

2.2 “Contract” means the contract of sale and purchase of the Products concluded between You and the retailer concerned (as indicated in the list of products and in the e-mail confirmation of your order), which incorporates these terms and conditions.

2.3 “Description” means a summary on the product website containing, without limitation, an image of the product, a description of the product and a statement of the then current price of the product.

2.4 “Order” means your purchase order for product (s) from a retailer that you place through the Website. All derivatives of the word “Order” (such as “Ordered”) must be understood in the context described in this definition.

2.5 “Products” means the products of the Retailer, which it offers from time to time on the Website.

2.6 “Retailer” means the independent shop of the maker for which We Design Green:
(a) markets, promotes and publishes products on the Website; and
(b) accept and process end-user orders from the Website for such products, as described in these terms and conditions.

2.7 “Terms and Conditions” means the terms and conditions set out on this page, as well as the policies of We Design Green explicitly mentioned herein (for example, the We Design Green Return Policy).

2.8 “Website” means the site www.We Design Green.com (including its subdomains) and any other associated application or website owned and / or operated by We Design Green from time to time.

2.9 “You” and “Your” mean an end-user of the website.

3.1 Who are we? “We Design Green” is the name of the company, registered in Germany under company number DE324792756 and headquartered at Lohmühlenstraße 65, 12435 Berlin, Germany. In these Terms and Conditions, “We”, “Our” and “We” are references to We Design Green. However, in the context of the contract, you should read these terms as references to the relevant retailer from whom you ordered the products (for more details, see section 4 and specifically section 4.5)

3.2 How to contact us? You can contact We Design Green by writing to: [email protected]

3.3 How can we contact you? If we need to contact you, we may do so by email to the address you provided when you completed the payment process on the Website or are registered on your account from time to time.

4.1 Order via the website. We operate the website as an electronic marketing platform on which selected retailers may display listings for their products. These products are made available to you through these retailers and We Design Green allows you to place orders to pay for products through the website and:
(a) click and retrieve the product (s) from the corresponding retailer’s store ; or
(b) have the product (s) delivered to the address you specify.

4.2 Your contract is with the retailer. The contract is between you and the relevant retailer, not We Design Green. You buy the retailer’s products, not We Design Green. However, we are authorized to act as an agent of our retailers (who act as principal) to conclude and conclude the contract with you.

4.3 Role of We Design Green. We are not a party to the contract. We are simply the intermediate marketing and promotions platform that facilitates your orders with retailers and your payment for this order.

4.4 When is the contract formed? The contract is formed when the retailer concerned confirms to us that he has the products in stock and that we send you an order confirmation e-mail to this effect. We will send you this order confirmation email to the email address associated with your account or, if you are leaving as a “guest”, to the email address you entered during the course. of the ordering process).

4.5 Incorporation of these terms and conditions. As stated above, in connection with any product purchase, your contract with the applicable retailer incorporates, is governed by and is governed by these terms and conditions. This contract is between you and the retailer, not We Design Green. To the extent that they are incorporated into the contract, you must read the references “we”, “us” and “we” in these terms and conditions as references to the relevant retailer from whom you ordered the products.

4.6 Products may differ from their images. We Design Green aims to use the lists to give you the information you need to know the essential features of the products. Although we try to make sure that they are as true as possible to the truth, all of the images shown in the listings are for illustrative purposes only – because of the digital presentation, your perception may not match. not exactly the product in question.

4.7 Conformity with the laws of Germany. In our agreements with them, we ask retailers to ensure that the products they make available to them comply with the laws and regulations in force in Germany.

5.1 You authorize us to debit your credit card account. By submitting an order and providing us with your credit card or Paypal information upon payment, you authorize We Design Green (through its payment processor) to charge the corresponding account to accept the payment of your order on behalf of the retailer concerned. . Neither We Design Green nor the applicable retailer will be liable for any loss you incur if the payment method used to pay for an order does not have sufficient funds to cover all the costs of this order.

5.2 Promotional Codes

We can give you a promotional code that you can use to reduce the price of certain products. All codes must be applied at the time of collection, as they can not be applied retrospectively. You will find more information on how to apply your promotional code to cashing through the [email protected]. Each promotional code will come with its own terms and conditions (for example, minimum spend, maker, shop and / or specific product, etc.), which will be specified when it is sent to you. All details will also be available in our Terms & Conditions. If a unique promotional code created specifically for you is assigned to you, it can not be shared, transferred to other customers, or posted on a public forum. We reserve the right to cancel and / or suspend any promotional code which, in our opinion, is misused. In addition, all promotions and discounts applied to our terms and conditions will be removed from the order and charged to your method of payment.

10% discount on the promotional code

This code allows you to receive the amount indicated in a single transaction on wedesigngreen.com.
Redeem your points by entering the promotional code at checkout. The codes must be applied by you to the cashier as they can not be applied retrospectively.
This promotion is only available for full-price, on-sale items
This code can only be used by the recipient and is not transferable
This promotional code can not be combined with any other offer or promotion and can not be redeemed for cash. money
Our normal refund policy applies
We Design Green reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time

6.1 Prices shown do not include delivery charges. The prices listed on the product lists do not include shipping costs. When you choose to have the products delivered to you, the corresponding delivery charges will be displayed during the ordering process.

6.2 Non-contractual delivery estimates. When you choose to have them delivered, the products you order will be delivered by retailers using a third-party email service. Please note that estimated delivery dates posted on the website, or in any e-mail or confirmation page, are only estimates – they do not represent a guarantee that products will arrive with this delivery estimate. In addition, when parcels are guarded by customs clearance agencies, delivery delays can be significant. Unfortunately, these delays are beyond our control and we can not take responsibility for them. If you do not receive delivery on time, you may cancel your order in accordance with the cancellation policy detailed below, as well as the practices described in Our Returns Policy.

7.1Policy. Our return policy details how and when You can return all products you have ordered and which are incorporated into these terms and conditions by reference. We have set out our return policy on this separate page to ensure that all the necessary information is presented on a stand-alone page, in a clear and accessible form – the content of this page does not affect the rights you may have. in law (the main ones are described in section 9).

7.2 No commercial use. Orders that are used for commercial purposes and then returned (eg for use as photographic props) are tracked actively. We Design Green reserves the right to refuse to serve any person suspected of undertaking this activity for future orders. If you need products for commercial purposes, please contact [email protected] for more information.

8.1 Creation of the account. Although you can follow the order process as a guest, you can choose to create an account. In this case, you will need to provide certain information about yourself, as requested during the registration process of the account on the website.

8.2 Accurate and up-to-date information. If you create an account, all the registration information you submit must be truthful and accurate. If, for any reason, the information you provide is or becomes true, inaccurate and / or incomplete, you must update this information to maintain its accuracy.

8.3 What if you want to delete your account? You may delete your account at any time, for any reason, by following the instructions for deleting the account in the Website’s Privacy Policy.

8.4 You are responsible for your account. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account login information (including, for example, your password). As a result, you are responsible for all activities that occur in your account.

8.5 Unauthorized use of your account. You must notify us immediately if you suspect or become aware of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security.

9.1 Cancellation because you have changed your mind. As you purchase the products online, you have the right to change your mind within fourteen (14) days of the delivery of the products and to get a refund (including shipping costs, but not including the cost of return). Please note, however, that these cancellation rights do not apply to:
(a) all sealed products that can not be returned for reasons of health protection or hygiene if they become unsealed, and who becomes so after the delivery;
(b) any Product which is an audio recording, video recording or sealed computer software, which becomes unsealed after delivery;
(c) whether the products have been inseparably mixed with other articles after delivery;
(d) whether the products have been made to measure.

9.2 Return of defective products. The products sold to you must be as described, adapted and of satisfactory quality. This means that (given the expected life of the product you ordered), you are entitled to the following:
(a) Up to thirty days: If the products you received are defective, you may obtain a full refund (this refund will include delivery and return costs).
(b) up to six months: If the products you have received can not be repaired or replaced, you are entitled to a refund in most cases.

9.3 How to exercise these rights. To exercise the rights described in this section 9, you must follow the procedures outlined in Our Return Policy. We will fulfill the Retailer’s obligations to You in this regard by acting as an agent.

9.4 Method of repayment. In the first place, we will try to refund the sums due to you under this Section 9 according to the same method of payment as that used for the Order in question.

10.1 Changes to these terms and conditions. From time to time, we may make changes to these terms and conditions. If we do so, we will:
(a) post these changes in an updated version of these terms and conditions on the Website; andand

10.2 What termsconditions apply? The terms and conditions (as incorporated in the contract) that will apply to your purchase of products will be those in effect at the time you place your order, unless we have notified you of a change to the applicable terms and conditions. and will have a significant impact on your order before we send you the confirmation of delivery and you have confirmed that you wish to proceed with your order.

Policy Our policies and procedures relating to Our use of Your ‘personal data’ are described in Our Privacy Policy. Please note that certain aspects of We Design Green’s offer (including the facilitation of orders and the provision of this website) require the use and disclosure of Your “personal data”, without which we would not be able to provide these elements of the offer of We Design Green.

12.1 No harmful material. By downloading and / or using the Website, you agree not to upload, post, email, send or otherwise transmit any Content containing viruses, Trojans, worms or any other computer code, file or program designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any software, hardware or telecommunication equipment associated with the website.

12.2 Keep your information confidential. You agree and agree to keep your username and password confidential for your account, to not divulge your password to another person and to not allow anyone else to connect to the website at any time. help with your username and password.

12.3 No interference. You agree not to interfere with the servers or networks connected to the Website or to violate the procedures, policies or regulations of the networks connected to the Website, including these Terms of Use.

12.4 Other restrictions. You further agree that you will not:
(a) attempt to reverse engineer, sell, export, license, modify, copy, distribute or transmit the Website to a third party, interfere with the proper functioning of the Website or otherwise attempt to derive the source code of the software (including tools, methods, processes and infrastructure) that activates or underpins the website;
(b) attempt to access the secure portions of the Website on which you do not have access rights;
(c) pretending to be another person while using the website;
(d) behave in a vulgar, offensive, harassing or reprehensible manner when using the Website;
(e) resell or export the software associated with the Website;
(f) use the Website to generate unsolicited advertising or spam; or
(g) use any automated or manual process to search or collect information on the Website, or to interfere in any way with the proper functioning of the Website.

By providing you with access to the Website, publishing Descriptions and allowing you to place product orders via the Website, We Design Green reserves the following rights, as well as by accessing, browsing or using the website and / or placing any order through the website you grant to We Design Green and agree that We Design Green will have the following rights:
(a) the right to refuse or withdraw your access to the website in accordance with Applicable laws (with or without notice) if we deem you to have violated any of these Terms of Use;
(b) the right to delete or modify a registration without notifying you or giving the reason;
(c) the right (acting on behalf of the retailer concerned) to cancel an order or partially modify an order without notifying you or giving reasons, except that, in these circumstances, We Design Green will refund the portion of the order canceled by her;
(d) the right to modify or update the Website, the prices of any product and the payment methods available from time to time;
(e) the right to report to the police or other judicial body if We Design Green believes, in its sole and absolute discretion, that your conduct (whether using the Website, placing an order for a product or other) is or may be illegal.

14.1 License. Subject to these Terms and Conditions (in particular the restrictions described in the following section), We Design Green grants you a license to use and access the Website on the basis that this license is:
(a) not is not a commercial license – You can access the website and use it only for your own personal, non-commercial use (ie, not for your business);
(b) non-transferable – You may not transfer this right to anyone else;
(c) non-exclusive – other people can access and use the website;
(d) revocable – we have the right to remove your ability to use the Website in accordance with these terms and conditions; and
(e) limited – the license does not extend beyond what has been described above.

14.2 Ownership. We Design Green and / or its licensor (s) are the sole owners of the Website, which includes all software, domains and content made available through the Website.

14.3 Termination of the license. Any unauthorized use of the Website will automatically terminate the limited license we have granted under section 14.1. We Design Green reserves the right to terminate the limited license without notice at any time as a result of unauthorized use of your website.

14.4 All rights reserved. All trademarks, logos, trade dress, service names and service marks (“Marks”) displayed on the Website are the property of We Design Green or certain other third parties. You may not use these marks without the prior written consent of We Design Green or the consent of third parties who may own the marks in question.

15.1 We are only liable to you for foreseeable damage caused by us. If we do not comply with these Terms and Conditions, we will only be liable for any loss or damage You suffer, which is a foreseeable result of Our violation of these Terms or our inability to act with reasonable care and skill. We are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not a foreseeable consequence of Our violation of these Terms or our inability to act with reasonable care and skill. We are not responsible for any unforeseen loss or damage. A loss or damage is foreseeable if it is obvious that it will occur or if, at the time of the conclusion of these conditions, we and you both knew it.

15.2 What we do not exclude. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall limit or exclude our liability for:
(a) death or bodily injury resulting from our negligence;
(b) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
(c) Your main legal rights described in sections 9.1 and 9.2;
(d) any other liability that can not be excluded or limited by English law.

15.3 We are not responsible for business losses. This website and the products are intended for home and private use only. If you use the products for commercial, commercial or resale purposes, we will not be liable for any loss of profit, loss of business, loss of business or loss of business opportunity.

15.4 We are not responsible for events outside Our control. We will not be liable for any failure or delay in the performance of any of our obligations that is caused by events beyond our reasonable control (“Force Majeure Event”). An event of force majeure includes any act, event, accident, omission or act of God beyond our reasonable control. Our performance of our obligations under these Terms and Conditions is deemed to be suspended for the period during which the Force Majeure Event continues and we will have an extension of time for performance of that period. We will do our best to put an end to the event of force majeure or to find a solution allowing us to fulfill our obligations under the terms and conditions despite the event of force majeure.

15.5 We are not responsible for the unavailability of the product. In case of unavailability of the products before or after the order, we will not be liable for damages you suffer or damages resulting from the unavailability of such products, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

15.6 Website provided “as is”. We Design Green provides the website “as is”. To the extent that we are authorized to do so, we disclaim any implied term of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement to the extent permitted by applicable law.

16.1 Disputes. These terms and conditions are governed by French law and we both agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts. This means that if you are a citizen of an EU country, you can enforce your consumer rights in relation to these terms and conditions in Germany or in the EU country in which you reside.

16.2 No one else has any rights under these terms and conditions. Although the contract is between you and the relevant retailer (as described in section 4.2), all other aspects of the agreement formed under these terms and conditions apply between you and We Design Green (Ellipse). No other person can claim the application of its general conditions.

16.3 Titles and interpretation. Section titles in these Terms and Conditions are for convenience only and have no legal or contractual effect. The word “including” means “including without limitation”.

16.4 Even if we delay in enforcing our rights under these Terms and Conditions, we may still enforce them later. If we do not immediately insist that you do anything that you are required to do under these terms and conditions, or if we delay taking action against you in respect of your failure to comply with these terms and conditions General, this will not mean that you should not do these things and that will not prevent us from taking action against you at a later date.

16.5 If a court finds that part of these Terms and Conditions is illegal, the remainder will remain in effect. Each section of these Terms and Conditions operates separately. If a court or competent authority decides that one of them is illegal, the other sections will remain in full force.

16.6 We Design Green may transfer its rights under these Terms to another person. We Design Green may transfer its rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions to another organization, such as another member of the We Design Green group of companies or a person who buys his business. We Design Green will take reasonable steps to ensure that any such transfer does not affect your rights under these Terms and Conditions.

Without prejudice to section 4.2 in the context of the contract, for the conditions that govern your relationship with We Design Green, please refer to the contract you concluded with We Design Green and not to these terms and conditions.

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