Our philosophy is based on "better" consumption.

We design green is based on the fundamentals of slow design, minimalism and the notion of eco-responsibility. We select the makers and the products by focusing on the process, the origin and the materials, while emphasizing the environment and the individual. In the interest of transparency, we have developed labels in order to see more clearly and to be able to compare the products to ensure an engaged and informed purchase.

We are committed to the following three points:

Eco-responsible furniture

The concept of eco-responsibility is a relatively new one which emphasizes the protection of nature and the environment. It is about "doing" and consuming with a reduced impact on the planet by favoring local production and materials that are renewable or abundant. Eco-responsibility is also important when considering our personal health. This is why our furniture avoids products that emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which pollute our homes.

Buy furniture slow

Every year, 1.7 million tons of household products * arrive at the end of their life. That's roughly 26 kg per inhabitant. A purchase should be viewed as a commitment because these items become our responsibility. This does not require spending more time in the store, but rather carefully considering your purchases before you commit.

Yes to minimalism

By definition, it is a matter of extreme simplification. Minimalism advocates a return to the essential through the decluttering and the suppressing of the superfluous. We prefer to surround ourselves with very little, only the useful. We place greater importance on the quality rather than the quantity. For this reason, we will not offer sales on our e-shop but will occasionally have special promotions depending on the stock of our makers.

Our 3 engagements

Certified natural or recycled materials

The origin of our materials is very important to us. We select products of natural origin or recycled materials – because they reuse what we already have at our disposal, preserving our limited natural resources.

 No plastics except recycled

 No chemical products

No reconstituted wood, veneer or agglomerates

Local production of superior quality

Most of our furniture is handmade in limited quantities. The quality of our products ensures its durability.

100% made in Europe
Fair wages
3 production sites
Sustainable working conditions conducive to the creativity of makers


We have chosen to source our products entirely from countries within Europe because we would also like to reduce our footprint on the environment by minimizing shipping distances. Our makers deliver directly to you without going through a warehouse to reduce the transport of the goods. Our logistics partners will only undertake a delivery with a maximum load.

Less than 2000 km warranty

 No warehouses

Furniture Recycling

We are looking for partners in different countries to help you with recycle your furniture. Feel free to write to us with any leads!

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