Moon collection

by Roxane Lahidji

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Brought by the earth, salt and minerals … let us turn back to the roots of our planet and extract its essential.

Our Moon Lamp Collection is made from sea salt and resin, creating an alternative to the standard, solid salt design.

Marble salt

The process used is called “marbled salt”

The handmade nature of the lamp means that the color and pattern will be totally unique. The entire process is done by hand in Roxane’s workshop in Brussels.

Everything becomes dust and returns to the earth.

Our process

We pay special attention to the details at each step when creating a lamp. Molding, drying, polishing, and assembly are all done by hand. “Its dedication that makes this art piece so wonderful.“

…Eight hours of work
…48 hours of drying
…1kg of salt

Each lamp is unique

Mineral and galactic, each lamp is completely unique thanks to the interactions between the materials.

The Maker

Roxane Lahidji
Roxane Lahidji is the designer of our lamps, she is a social artist and designer specialized in natural material research, developments, and applications. After graduating she started a project called ‘’Marbled salts’. She combines local and renewable resources always using environmentally friendly production processes at an amazing studio in Brussels where she works with many other artists. She’s been awarded among the 100 best French international designers by FD100 award of the VIA and the Bolia award. Her projects have been published in magazines such as VOGUE Living, ELLE Deco, and Milk Decoration. Roxane describes her practice as an alchemical journey by developing her transforming and molding methods.

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