Rain Drops Crack + Download [April-2022]

1. All the features of the Classic Rain Drops Theme are present with the newest version.
2. Have fun through raindrops animation
3. Save your battery power with power save.
4. Change your desktop appearance with 16 different Rain Drops Wallpapers

Rain Drops comes with 16 different raindrops wallpapers for you to enjoy.
Each of these wallpapers are of a unique type of raindrops including




Each of these wallpapers is to match its corresponding color for the raindrops.

Raindrops comes with a highly configurable interface where you can customise the theme to suit your preference with customise.
You can also change the theme settings to suit your needs as well as prevent this theme use some of your system resources with the power saver feature.

Raindrops Description

1. All the features of the Classic Rain Drops Theme are present with the newest version.

2. Have fun through raindrops animation

3. Save your battery power with power save.

4. Change your desktop appearance with 16 different Rain Drops Wallpapers

5. Flip the theme between Classic (default) and Lightning (alternate).

6. Change the wallpaper by one of the following ways

A. Use the configurable interface to select the wallpaper from

the current theme.

B. Select a wallpaper picture on your PC using the Pictures or
Pictures Library.

C. Use the WinAmp directory where the pictures are stored.

D. Use the EXIF image metadata to determine the size of the
images in the PNG format.

7. Change the logo theme according to the following way

A. Use the customizable logo on the home page.

B. Use the theme logo automatically generated by the application.

C. Use the logo specified on the configurable interface.

8. Use the 4 beautiful font colors as shown in the following example

In some cases, the look of the theme might not display correctly if the theme is first installed on a particular computer. If this is the case, you can uninstall Rain Drops before installing the theme again.

This is very important since some particular file might be missing from the previous version you have installed. This situation should not occur on your next installation, but only in case you reinstall the theme after uninstalling

Rain Drops Crack

1. Rain Drops comes with an easy to use configuration tool. The application will guide you through a few simple steps to add background images, change the theme colors, and even choose a different layout to display your Windows.
2. You can choose from over 10 background images and each image is different from the other one. Rain Drops can be fully customized, making it very user friendly.
3. You are also able to add a background image of your own and give it a personalized touch to your desktop.
4. The entire theme runs smoothly on all Windows 8 and Windows 7 computers and makes your computer more personal and easier to use.
5. Rain Drops will display a fixed application bar at the bottom of the desktop which contains the user name, system information, the volume icon, log off button, and the power button. The nice thing about this application bar is that, whenever you press the volume icon, you can mute the sound and shut down the computer.
6. You can also customize the theme by changing the theme colors, apply different layout options, and even choose different backgrounds.
7. Rain Drops supports both English and Portuguese languages. You will receive prompts from the theme every time you need to choose a different language.
8. Rain Drops can also provide you with a fresh new look as well as a more organized desktop.
9. Rain Drops is an easy to install theme with a simple one step installation process.

“This is a must have theme for any Windows user”


Kevin F. from FL

“This is a great theme. It’s simple to install and it looks great on my windows 8 laptop and desktop. I use it as a customer review system at my job, and it looks great with the image I use. If you get the widget option to display the hours and weather, that’s a great bonus! It’s so simple to install, and it has everything you need.”

“Very nice theme”


Stanley M. from US

“Theme looks great on both Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Makes my desktop look like I’m catching a rain shower on my desktop. Absolutely LOVE it.”

“Great! Love it!”


Jennifer S. from US

“I love this theme. Looks great on Windows 8.1 and 8. Love the widget that turns the clock into a raindrop! The backgrounds are beautiful, and the list of backgrounds is very good

Rain Drops [Win/Mac] 2022 [New]

+ The rain drops image displayed in a 48-bit JPEG image
+ The rain drops image shown in a 32-bit PNG image
+ All images are carefully arranged in 24x24px size to fit perfectly on
the desktop, and you can resize them to any size you want to make the image
appear in full
+ Top Menu, Window Bar, Config Menu, File Manager, and System Tray can be customized
with your own customized images and icons as well as backgrounds
+ Has built-in support for all popular third party tools such as FSpot, Thunar, Nautilus, and so on
+ All images are of high resolution and the quality is very good
+ All images are available in a variety of watermark options to adjust the style
of the raindrops image and the applications, such as title, author, layer and so on
+ Each image is password protected and can only be viewed when its password is entered
+ All images can be easily shared to the clients via e-mail, or other social
+ This theme is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions
+ The theme is available for FREE and can be activated anytime without any
unrestricted ads
+ NOTE: The image in the screenshot is a GIF and can be converted to a
JPEG after activation!
Features & Requirements:
+ Allows the use of system tray icons, window bars, and menu items
+ Allows customization of toolbars and window frames, and configuration
+ Allows customization of menu layout, icons, and buttons
+ Shows a sunset, night sky, sunrise, and sun rising on the background
+ Allows the entry of alternative words in the config file
+ Has built-in support for all popular third party tools such as FSpot,
Thunar, Nautilus, and so on
+ Built-in plugin for GXmessage
+ Has built-in support for mail and task execution via the system tray
+ Built-in plugin for LIRC
+ Built-in plugin for LXDE Control Center
+ Built-in plugin for LXDE ConfigurePanel
+ Built-in plugin for Thunderbird and Evolution
+ Built-in plugin for GTK Pager
+ Built-in plugin for web browser
+ Built-in plugin for WINE
+ Built-in plugin for Foomatic
+ Built-in plugin for Nautilus
+ Built

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Here is a new Screenshot theme which has a very unique theme to it.
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