• Hours of fun in a solo quest in the Lands Between
A free-roaming action role-playing game set in the Lands Between, from the company behind the award-winning games FINAL FANTASY and VALHALLA.
• Build your character like never before with all-new equipment and core skills.
You can customise your character’s appearance, including its face, hair, tattoos, and equipment.
• Find your own playstyle as you develop your character in a unique combination of melee and magic skills.
You can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic items that you equip.
• Summon powerful summons and cute companions to accompany you on your journey.
The summons and companions can be purchased or upgraded.
• Play in a world full of surprises.
Vast open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.
• Create your own adventures with the unique online element, which allows you to feel the presence of others.
The in-game chat features real-time text, voice chat, and in-game text chat.
• Freely immerse yourself in a narrative driven by character interaction and dialogue.
You can immerse yourself in a fantasy story that provides rich context and excellent character interaction.
• Rich game content that continues as you progress
Every time you defeat a monster, the game content you collect will expand, including the possibility of rare items.

The New Fantasy Action RPG ■
World of Epic Adventure

Welcome to the next chapter in the long history of FINAL FANTASY, a grand series of turn-based role-playing games.

Yukino to Yuhisha no Hana no Kanata
This latest FF game is a culmination of FINAL FANTASY’s series of turn-based RPGs so far, as it keeps a “linear” narrative design with a deep story in various parts of the world. “Set in the series’ time-spanning history, the story follows the adventures of four fighters: Ivalice Alliance’s Cavalier, Luton Diadem’s Dreadnought, Asmodai Empire’s Titan and Ywain Sisters’ Knight, who fight in the Final Fantasy X universe against the Galactic Alliance of human, lizard, and bear.” -Square Enix



Features Key:

  • An RPG of high quality that has further development in mind.
  • A massive open-world
  • A powerful fantasy adventure written with a unique experience.
  • The Lands Between are waiting for you!
  • Unique system for character development.
  • Deep storylines, interesting characters, and wide-ranging situations.
  • Detailed and polished graphics and animation.
  • A co-op mode that allows you to play with others.
  • A world made up of miles of land open to you, where you can enjoy the joy of discovery and find the powerful and grotesque monsters that are hidden deep in the earth.
  • Elden Ring Development team:

    —Team Member DaiSekai ()

    —IMC-Project General Manager

    —Director / Producer at

    —Producer / Director

    —Director / Designer

    Elden Ring Related Video:

    The Lands Between:

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    COMMENTS Elden Ring Crack Free Download game:

    “The scenarios between chapters are fun! The battles that occur when you enter the towns feel out of this world!”

    “Combat is a blast! You feel like a true wuxia hero, like taking part in a mock battle!”

    “The story is beautiful! The emotions were great, both in and out of battle!”


    “It’s a great battle action game with a gorgeous story! The casting scene in Act 6 especially had me crying from the tension!”

    “I feel like I played a character, not just a character that was born and was raised in a RPG. I felt that the story was amazing, and it has a great fantasy setting. Thank you for making such a beautiful game!”

    “I’ve been waiting for this game! The story is amazing, and I enjoyed it!”

    “I thought it was amazing, the voice acting was beautiful, the battle systems are great, and the graphics are gorgeous!”

    “It was a little hard to understand the menus, but I really enjoyed the game!”

    “I was worried about the maps being too small, but they turned out great!”

    “The quests are enjoyable, and the cast are really good!”

    “I have no complaints! The voice acting is incredible, the voice acting in the battle scenes are even better!”

    “A masterpiece!”


    “I was inspired by the former games, both in the world and gameplay… The gameplay was fun, and I felt like I had achieved a good balance between pleasure and difficulty.”

    “It was really hard for me to choose between the Kingdom Story and the Festival Story. But I finally decided on the Kingdom Story. I wanted to raise a powerful dragon, too.”

    “I thought the story was great! I especially enjoyed the story between the Kingdom Story and the Festival Story. I felt like I could feel the things the characters felt.”

    “I only like the Festival Story! The journey is worth it!”


    “The story was incredible! I have a bit of a thing for fairy tale sagas (hehe), and The Tarnished Prince really blew it out of the water for me!”

    “I was


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    The fight against the evil forces that threaten your village continues. You must collect Wood Piles to increase your divine power. However, you must carefully choose what to plant, as not all crops are suitable for this purpose.

    Elden Oil Upgrade system:

    Solve puzzles, and complete missions to earn money. The more you earn, the more you can research and develop upgrades to equip your weapons and armor.

    GEAR Upgrades:

    Upgrade your weapons and armor to increase their strength. Equip the items you have acquired to form a powerful team.

    COLLECT Equipment:

    Collect items found by yourself or others, as you are always able to equip items you have acquired with the limited space on your equipment menu.

    Elden Ring is an action RPG with a twist. Its gameplay is designed to comfortably combine elements of online multiplayer, open world, and role-playing.
    The ability to customize your character, the wide range of equipment, weapons, and armor, and the action-packed battles will remind you of a classic RPG.
    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    You can be strong by being a good person. The time has come to live a story.
    You have drifted away from your village, and now your village is being attacked by the evil forces.As the leader of the Elden Ring, you must protect the Elden Ring and this village from the evil forces.
    Join forces with other players and develop your characters.
    The game is being shared with mobile users using the Google Play service.





    ●GameplayElden Ring game:

    The fight against the evil forces that threaten your village continues. You must collect Wood Piles to increase your divine power. However, you must carefully choose what to plant, as not all crops are suitable for


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    There are other ways you can improve your appearance while the game’s development is finished, and you’ll be able to do lots of things.

    I’m always hesitant about new installments. Many times I will buy a game, play it, then make the most sincere impression that there is absolutely no chance for me to play it more.
    I haven’t played alpha builds in 2 1/2 years.

    On the other hand, I have taken to beta groups and forums for the purpose of looking at builds that other people have been working on and evaluating them.

    If beta passwords comes up, I’ll have to make sure I upload a recent save.

    I don’t see this GUTS coming out until next year. Maybe 2016? I think it’ll be at the end of 2016.Gov. Atley Passes Away At Age 94

    AVON — Gov. Cecil K. Atley passed away early Sunday morning at his home, surrounded by family, those who loved him, and one of the oldest women in the world. He was 94.

    Gov. Atley, the oldest elected official in the United States,
    and the most powerful governor in the history of the Commonwealth, died
    in his sleep early Sunday morning in his home in Avon, surrounded by
    family, friends, and fellow citizens.

    Gov. Atley, the first Republican governor in the history
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    the 100th Legislature, when he emerged a different man as he had
    long-ago doggedly applied partisan pressure from his position as
    Speaker of the House.

    Lt. Gov.
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    “On behalf of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I give you solemn
    protest of the loss you have suffered, and express to you that your
    son’s departure has gone to our hearts with the profound respect that
    He has for the service that you have rendered to the people of this
    Commonwealth in many ways, one of which was seeking out the best
    care for them. Your death has brought immense sorrow to our family,
    but you are a member still of ours, and our hearts are with you.

    “In the
    words of Robert Browning,


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  • Introduction & How To Play Elden Ring

    Steady your mind.
    Take a breath.
    Leave all your emotions behind.
    Take one step forward.
    Your dreams are imminent.

    For now, let us explore the new fantasy action RPG, Elden Ring.
    Welcome to the Lands Between, where the lands of leisure and fertility meet the ocean of blood and steel.
    Feel drawn into a sense of mystery as you raise your hand to the sky and ascend to the heavens.

    Men, women, and horses wander around and boundless natural power, traveling to find their dream.
    Flowers bloom, raising your spirit as they smile, greeting you.
    Prepare yourself for a journey full of surprises as you explore.

    Enjoy the expansive world together with your friends and wage war between different factions.
    Adventure while eating abundant healthy food and getting plenty of sleep!
    Explore dungeons with a vast variety of situations and layouts using your unique jobs and the enchanting power of magic.

    The four classes represent the four different factions with different missions.
    Your class determines the characteristics of your character, and provides a variety of jobs and magic, allowing you to quickly master the challenges of the different situations.
    In addition, the four classes have different voices.

    You must be ready to withstand greater and greater threats than ever before.
    Wise and strong will be your ally in this journey.

    Imagine, feel, and act.
    Your goal is to become an Elden Lord.

    Modus Operandi

    Eden Ring allows you to freely combine weapons and armors, and you can share weapons with other players in multiplayer.

    The following 17 weapons are available:
    Blaster: 12M gold; Dexterity needed



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    *Please make sure that you have 6.2 GB RAM and a 64-bit processor.
    *You will need to use Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.
    *You must have an Intel i3, i5, or i7 processor
    *A GTX 970 or AMD equivalent graphics card is needed
    *1024 MB of RAM (doubles as graphics memory)
    *3GB video memory is recommended (2GB is an acceptable minimum)
    *The following game files are required to play the game: