The Cover Page Generator (CPG) is an indispensable tool that allows developers to write professional fax applications. This new tool has two main components. The Cover Page Editor allows users to create cover page templates and the Cover Page SDK, which allows developers to write applications to process cover page templates in an application. The Cover Page Template Editor is designed for ”End Users” to build their own cover page in a few minutes by placing pictures, texts, lines, circles, and edit fields on a sheet of imaginary paper on the screen. The Cover Page SDK includes a powerful library of functions that drastically reduces development time.







Fax Cover Page Generator SDK ActiveX Download For PC

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Fax Cover Page Generator SDK ActiveX

What’s New In Fax Cover Page Generator SDK ActiveX?

System Requirements:

Windows: Mac OS: PC CPU: Intel Pentium III and later Intel Celeron and later Intel Core 2 Duo or later Intel Core 2 Extreme Edition and later AMD Athlon XP and later AMD Athlon 64 and later AMD Opteron and later AMD Phenom II and later Intel Xeon E5 or later NVIDIA: Pentium III or later Pentium 4 or later

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